Ryobi RBV26B

Using a garden blower or vacuum is an easy, hassle free way to keep your garden looking clean and tidy.

The Ryobi RBV26B features a powerful and efficient 26CC petrol engine, delivering 1HP of hand held power! Power like this is more than capable of blowing even the wettest leaves into tidy piles ready to be bagged and composted.

If raking piles of wet leaves isn’t your thing then the powerful vacuum combined with the metal mulching blade make easy work of even the toughest fallen foliage. The bag has a capacity of 45L meaning more time spent gardening and less time emptying the mulched leaves.

Ryobi RBV26V

Enough of the sales pitch! How does thing perform? Here are my personal thoughts and experience of the Ryobi RBV26B 26cc Petrol Blower Vac.

Getting Started

I found that the instructions included with this product are appalling. The diagrams are small, and badly drawn making them difficult to follow. Assembly took longer than expected due to the poorly written instructions, but follow your common sense and take your time.

It can be tricky to get the engine started but try and follow the instructions as best you can, I have added a video below which clearly shows the exact starting procedure. Since watching the video I have started this thing first time, every time.

Product Performance and Summary

I found the Ryobi RBV26B fairly easy to use. It collects leaves and small twigs easily and mulches them nicely. I think that the weight of the product is just right however some individuals might find it a little heavy.

The mulch collection bag is a decent size but I found that the shoulder strap was occasionally digging into my neck, but it was nothing a little rearrangement wouldn’t solve. I would also highly recommend getting a face mask as the wind can send the exhaust fumes straight at you.

Overall I found this to be a very nice tool to use, like with anything it just takes a little practice. I found that working the garden in one direction was the most efficient, blowing all of the fallen leaves into one corner and then attacking the pile with vacuum and mulching it into the bag.

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Ryobi RBV26B
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