Lawn Care Tips

A lawn is a stretch of open, grass covered land, which are maintained at a short height by a lawn mower, as near a house, estate or in a park usually for aesthetic or recreational purposes. Lawn is loved by most people due to its numerous benefits. To mention a few, lawns create a relaxing space of natural beauty. Healthy dense lawns absorb rainfall six times more effectively. Lawns also purify water entering into underground aquifers as well as increases the real estate market value, just to mention a few. However to enjoy from the numerous benefits of quality lawns, we need to learn some lawn care tips.

Maintaining a quality, healthy, vibrant lawn doesn’t need someone to be a professional or an expert. everyone can get a quality, vibrant, healthy grass.With dedication, patience and commitment,you can create a quality lawn . Despite what commercials and advertisement will portray, it is entirely possible to get a quality lawn. Good, now let’s get started on some lawn care tips

For beginners to care for their lawns properly, they need to consider the following;

WEEDING: Weeding is one of the fundamental ways to achieve a quality lawn. So we should always remember to weed through our lawns. We can do this easily by using our hands to pick the weeds from the lawns. This will help reduce the rate of competition among the lawns and the weeds for air and water

WATERING: Water as we know is life not only for humans but for lawns as well. Our lawns need to be watered regularly to ensue their smooth growth as well as maintaining its quality. We should make sure we don’t over water our lawns. We can water as often as necessary to keep our lawns in good shape.

AERATION: Air like water is equally important and therefore needs to be considered when caring for our lawns. Aeration improves the quality of the lawn and reduces thatch buildup.

MOWING: Mowing will never be left out. Mowing should be done as often as necessary to help improve the quality of the lawn and also prevent dehydration. We should always keep in mind of making sure our mowers are in good shape so as to get the quality out of our mowing.

USING FERTILIZER APPROPRIATELY:We should apply fertilizers appropriately to the lawn. The nutrients will help the lawn to grow well.

ORGANIC COMPOST: As always said, natural is always the best. With this in mind we should apply organic compost to our lawns as and when necessary. This will help the lawn to grow at a very good rate and a natural one as well.

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