Choosing a Lawnmower

A neatly kept lawn always requires a good lawn mower. When choosing a lawn mower, it is relevant to take into consideration a couple of factors like the size and type of your lawn, the functioning of various kinds of lawn mowers and most of all – your budget.

Types of Lawnmowers

Lawn mowers can be basically categorised as: Reel mowers which are usually used for smaller lawns, evenly cut grass and need to be taken to a lawn mower outlet to have their blades sharpened; Rotary mowers are preferable for bigger lawns, and are good for bluegrass and fescue grass types – rotary mowers are also fairly lighter and the blades can be maintained at home.

There are a variety of choices of lawn mowers, from manually pushed mowers to motorized and electric mowers. Here’s a brief look at the different mowers to select from with a few of their pros and cons:

Manual Lawnmowers

Manually pushed reel lawn mowers are inexpensive and easily maintained. They are cylindrical in design with a series of in-built blades and wheels at either ends of the cylinder that helps with movement. This mower has the plus point of cutting the grass into fine bits, allowing it to settle back into the lawn and act as fertilizer. Some models even have the option of adding a clipping collection bag. Although these mowers are known to give a neat finish to the lawn, their drawback is that they have a difficulty in cutting taller grass. This means the lawn will have to be mowed more frequently. Being a manually operated mower, it is essential to be physically fit, but it can also act as a very good form of exercise.

Motorised Lawnmowers

Motorised lawn mowers are commonly available as rotary push lawn mowers or ride-on mowers. The rotary push lawn mowers have an added feature of self-propelled wheels. These usually run electrically or on petrol. The rotary mower has a rotating blade which helps to cut the grass from the top. An optional attachable rear roller which flattens grass while it’s being cut can give the lawn a striped effect. This effect is caused by the light reflecting on the different directions of flattened grass, creating a visual impression of dual shades. Petrol powered lawn mowers help with tougher lawns. The ride-on lawn mowers incorporate a seat and controls for the operator to use for mowing. Although this is perfectly suitable for larger lawns, they can be a bit difficult to maneuver around trees or any garden fixtures.

Electric Lawnmowers

Electric lawn mowers are available in both, corded and cordless models. With a spare set of batteries always at hand, the cordless electric mower can be a better option of the two. Electric mowers are quiet and relatively effortless in maintenance. They are also considered to be eco-friendly and inexpensive to run.

Hover Lawnmowers

Hover lawn mowers are normally run on electricity or petrol. These mowers are fitted with a high speed rotary blade. When it is switched on, the air flow is directed in a downward direction by the spinning blades allowing the mower to hover over the grass. Best suited for weeded grass or long grass, lawn will need a weekly mowing with the hover mower. These mowers are very practical and user friendly especially in hard to reach sections between flower beds and shrubs.

Once you have narrowed down to your preference of lawn mower, take time to try out the various types of mowers in the range of your choice till you find the one best suited for your purpose. It is important to be comfortable with your lawn mower, rather than regret a hastily made decision.

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